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We Updated Our Master Bath for under $400!

Yup! That’s right. This 1985 bathroom got a MAJOR facelift for under $400. Talk about ballin’ on a budget.

The challenge for this project was us wanting to update EVERYTHING for as little money as possible. As you will find out, we were able to achieve this by understanding where we could save without totally sacrificing design. See below for more!

Step 1: Paint cabinets white and add new hardware 

The first thing we did was paint the cabinets white. We started by removing the top and bottom strips from the cabinets. We were going for a more updated look and knew that removing them would add a nice touch. Then, we sanded and de-glossed. After that, we primed and painted! We used paint and primer from Sherwin Williams.

Once everything was dry (takes about 2 weeks time) we were ready to put hardware on. We purchased a bulk pack of stainless hardware from Menard’s for around $20.


Step 2: Replace countertop 

We purchased a piece of stock laminate countertop from Menard’s for $17. We removed the backsplash from the countertop and cut the laminate to fit the size of the space.



Step 3: Install new sink 

We installed a vessel sink for a more updated look. We actually found a good deal on a vessel sink from Amazon!


Step 4: Install new sink faucet 

Same as above. Found an awesome deal on Amazon. At the time of purchase, we got it for around $50!


outlet love

Step 5: Backsplash 

Read this blog post for more info.


Step 5: Update light fixture and mirror 

We found a light fixture from Home Depot for around $40, and a mirror from TJ Maxx for $16!


**We purchased the one with two instead of three, which drove the price down.**


Paint: $60

Countertop: $17

Sink: $50

Faucet: $50

Backsplash: $150

Lighting: $45

Mirror: $17

TOTAL: $389

Here are some tips to help you save money, especially when you are looking to do a MAJOR facelift on a MAJOR budget.

  1. Buy stock laminate – if your space allows
    • Stock laminate is extremely inexpensive. It comes in a variety of different colors, and sizes. If your space allows, it’s a great solution that looks fabulous and fresh! We personally believe it’s a better alternative than painting old laminate…and takes less time to do!
  2. Buy hardware in bulk
    • We found a lot of great hardware that came in packs of 10 or more…for a fraction of the cost!
  3. Shop online
    • We know it can be scary to buy big ticket items (like a sink or faucet) site unseen, but you can find some great deals! Make sure to check the reviews and return policies. Like we mentioned, we found our vessel sink and faucet on Amazon!
  4. TJ Maxx sells INEXPENSIVE mirrors
    • Enough said. Go there.

Bathroom Update Pin


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